Menopause may be considered to be a taboo subject, which is not discussed in the workplace, even though a large number of employees may be affected. Being able to have sensitive conversations and adjust the workplace environment will affect quality of life, engagement, performance and motivation for all staff. These recommendations are for managers and supervisors and workplace practice:


  •  Create an open, inclusive and supportive culture regarding the menopause. 
  •  For difficult problems, human resource functions should work with occupational health professionals, if available. 
  •  Allow disclosure of menopausal symptoms but do not assume that every woman wants to talk about them. 
  •  Allow flexibility of work patterns, location of work and dress codes and uniforms using thermally comfortable fabrics. 
  •  Review control over workplace temperature and ventilation (e.g. provision of desk fans) and provide access to cold drinking water. 
  •  Ensure access to clean and private changing and washing facilities as well as toilets.
  •  For customer-focused or public-facing roles, allow breaks to manage symptoms such as severe hot flushes.