Services & Pricing

As a peri-menopause and menopause specialist, I provide a range of services to support women experiencing symptoms of the perimenopause and menopause across Yorkshire.

Knowing that every women is not the same, I always recommend my patients booking an initial consultation, either in-person or virtually for their convenience. This consultation will last up to 45 minutes and is very thorough. This allows me to understand a woman’s social circumstances, her symptoms, her medical history and her concerns and understanding of the perimenopause or menopause. This means I can truly understand her needs and aims of treatment and advise on the correct management or treatment options. 

Management options can involve lifestyle changes, hormonal replacement or non hormonal treatments. 

Initial Menopause Consultation

From £175

This detailed consultation is up to 45 minutes in length and includes exploring your medical history, family history, your journey so far and exploring your understanding and the areas of concern for which you need my help.

We will then build a bespoke treatment package that is evidence based, safe and tailored to you. Any prescriptions or GP letters  are included in this initial consultation.

This is then followed by a FREE follow-up telephone call after 3-4 weeks to ensure the treatment plan is working well and you have no side effects. 

Blood Tests

From £50-£400

The diagnosis of the peri menopause and Menopause is often a clinical one, based on symptoms and a women’s age. Sometimes blood tests are needed to ensure the correct diagnosis is made and this is especially true in younger women. The need for blood tests will be discussed with you and the costs fully explained. Sometimes NHS GPs will agree to doing these blood tests in advance of our appointment but not always. Some examples are below

Hormone blood test- oestradiol, SHBG, total testosterone priced at £95

Iron studies priced at £82 -£100

Thyroid blood test £40-£75

Follow up consultations on the telephone.


Follow up consultations are often needed to check on your progress and to ensure you are responding to treatment or to monitor the need for further medical input. Follow up consultations will only be organised if it is felt like there is a clinical need.

E-mail consultations or reviews.


In the initial few weeks, we all have questions and these can often be answered in a few brief e-mails but after that, they will need to be charged due to admin time.

Testosterone Treatment.

On average £300-£350 which includes initial bloods, prescriptions, a review appointment and follow up bloods. 

Testosterone treatment can be really helpful in women who are having symptoms in the perimenopause or menopause of testosterone deficiency. Unfortunately testosterone replacement therapy is not available for women on the NHS and as such needs careful monitoring with blood tests and regular review of symptoms. 

 Prescriptions & repeat prescriptions.

From £18

Your initial consultation will include the cost of any prescription needed. Subsequent prescriptions, if needed will be charged at £18 due to the software needed to generate a prescription. All prescriptions will be sent to you electronically using a secure system called Signature Rx.

Please remember all prescriptions are private prescriptions and will attract a dispensing fee from the chemist too. I am always happy to write to your NHS GP and request that they do a prescription but they have the right to decline this.

Please remember I will do my best to keep costs down and when it’s appropriate, I will discharge you back to your GP so you can access the care you need using the HRT pre payment certificate. Please note, they may refuse to prescribe what has been recommended and many do not prescribe testosterone.

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